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7 Reasons Why Venice Canals Is A Top Romantic Destination


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Venice is one of the most romantic cities in the world. The city on the water is filled with amazing smells, amazing architecture, and just an overall romantic setting that can’t be beaten. Venice was not only home to many painters such as Titian and Botticelli but was also their inspiration for many paintings during their time.

Venice is also the birthplace of many types of dance, giving it even more special meaning to people that love to dance. The city has seen so much history happen within its walls, making it one of the most important cities in Europe. The canals are what make Venice stand out among other cities, having over 150 canals throughout the city of Venice.

Here is a more in-depth look at some reasons why Venice Canals is a top romantic destination:

#1. Romance In The Air 

Everyone can feel the romantic vibes in Venice. Whether you are there for a honeymoon, a family vacation, or just a getaway for two, Venice is the top destination for all of this and more.

#2. The Beauty Of The Water And City Architecture

Venice has been known to mix both water with city architecture, making it one of the top cities in both categories. There are many buildings on land but also many buildings that are on the water. The canal system throughout Venice has made it what it is today and continues to amaze visitors of all ages year after year.

#3. Many Events And Festivals Taking Place Throughout The City

Many events take place throughout the city of Venice. One of the most popular events is The Regata Storica, an event that takes place in the Grand Canal in which teams compete in creating replicas of 17th-century boats. This event is filled with amazing dresses and costumes along with great entertainment. Also, there are the Venetian Carnival and Carnevale, a tradition in Venice that takes place every year. It is one of the most colorful events in Europe and continues to impress visitors every year.

#4. The Music That Is Brought To Life In Venice

The music of Venice is brought to life by many great artists throughout the years. Venetian composers have made their mark in history with many symphonies and operas that continue to be loved today. One of the most notable composers in Venice is Antonio Vivaldi. Mr. Vivaldi is known for his work ‘The Four Seasons’ which had been used by many people throughout the years from singers to orchestras.

#5. Venice Can Be Romantic Anytime Of The Year

Venice is a romantic destination year-round, but during the winter months, Venice takes on a more peaceful and quiet type of romantic feel to it. There are not many people visiting the city due to weather conditions such as rain and very windy days which make Venice one of the most peaceful romantic destinations around the world.

#6. Great And Affordable Hotels 

There are many affordable hotels going for a low rate in Venice that you can get with great service and clean rooms. Popular hotels include Hotel Almi, Hotel Cipriani, and Petra Hotel Venice to name a few. Venice has many hotels concentrated in different areas of the city, allowing you to choose a hotel that fits your needs and desires.

#7. The Food That Comes From Venice

The food of Venice comes from the water, allowing it to bring in some of the freshest types of seafood such as fish and shellfish. Popular dishes include Steamed Mussels, White Ragu, and Sarde in Saor. Venice is well-known for the seafood dishes that it has brought throughout the years.

Venice has been a top destination for couples and those looking for romance for many years. The city’s beauty, history, and events make it one of the most popular destinations in the world. With great food, affordable hotels, and beautiful canals, Venice is hard to beat when it comes to romantic getaways. Have you had the chance to visit this amazing city? If not, what are you waiting for?