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Green Accent Wall Ideas

An accent wall can be a great way to bring color into a space without being too bold or committed. You can make accent walls in many colors, including wood paneling and wallpaper. It is all about personal preference. Our Los Angeles Interior Design Services are the perfect choice for designing you next accent wall!

We’ve noticed a lot more green accent walls in homes this year. And we have to say that we love them. The versatile color green can be used with many different materials and finishes. There are many shades of green, from bright and saturated colors to subtle neutrals that add color but are not too loud. Green is a natural color that can be found in nature and it is a soothing, grounding, and tranquil color. There are many shades of green available, so you’re sure to find the perfect accent wall color for your existing decor and furniture.

The trendiest color for accent walls is dark green. This includes emerald and forest greens, as well as teal and other jewel-toned shades. Dark green walls can add depth and contrast to the room, as well as emit moody vibes.

Today we share a list of our top green paint colors to use when painting accent walls in green. You’ll also find design ideas to decorate rooms in a green color scheme. Continue reading to discover the best accent wall colors in the green family of colors!

Salamander, Benjamin Moore

Salamander, a dark shade of green that looks almost black under different lighting conditions, is called a “salamander”. This deep green is more neutral than a color. This is a moody color that can be used to accent dark green walls. However, it doesn’t need to be too saturated. It looks great when paired with natural materials and contrasts well with white brick fireplaces.

Artichoke, Sherwin-Williams

Artichoke, a yellow-green color, is versatile. The warm, springy color of yellow-green creates a relaxing atmosphere in any room. This color looks great when it is paired with light colors like white and light woods. This color can be used in any room that needs to feel peaceful, such as a bedroom or office.

Green Bay, Sherwin-Williams

Green Bay is a dark, green-gray color that can be used with a variety of colors. This dark shade of green can be mixed with other colors like yellow and pink in the above design, as it has teal undertones. Because of its deep hue, this color can dominate any space. Therefore, it needs lots and lots of light and white colors to balance it. It looks great with light or white furniture.


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