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What is Rustic Interior Design?

We love combining interior design in Los Angeles, CA styles. Combining interior design styles is a great way of combining tastes or creating a unique look that suits your style. It can be difficult to combine styles in a way that feels natural and not just a collection of random pieces.

It is a good idea to combine styles that complement each other. Two common styles that are often combined are industrial and rustic. This is how rustic industrial interior design styles are created. This combination works well because rustic furniture adds warmth to modern industrial designs. It makes them more comfortable in living spaces. All the industrial elements in interior design give a unique edge to neutral, rustic pieces. All of this adds up to a rustic industrial look that is both cozy and cool.

It can be difficult to combine these styles without knowing where to begin. We’re sharing our inspirations and showing you how you can combine these styles in your room. Learn more!

Most people are familiar with rustic interior design and cozy, farmhouse-inspired spaces. This Modsy style is very popular and it’s not hard to see why.

Rustic rooms can be anything from simple, minimalist white cabin homes to elegant, vintage-style cottages that recall wine-country villas. You can make the spaces modern and warm, or traditional and earthy. You can mix rustic style with many different decor options. It always emphasizes a mixture of natural materials, warm neutrals, and layers. Rustic interior design is the epitome of elegance and simplicity.

Elements of the Rustic Interior Design Look

The rustic interior design concept is all about creating rooms that are cozy, warm, and casually elegant. There are many classic and handmade accessories available, including jute rugs, weathered woods, and corrugated metal tables as well as basket wall art and basket wall décor. There are plenty of options for plush upholstery, such as slipcovered beige sofas or deep white armchairs.

The soft colors of cream, taupe, and light gray are great for rustic spaces. A neutral palette can add warmth and comfort to rustic interiors. It gives them vintage meets–a new feel.

Our essential rustic design tips will inspire you to create this calm, collected, and cool look in your space.

What is Industrial Interior Design?

Most people associate industrial interior design with converted warehouses and sleek loft spaces. Although there’s a lot of emphasis on industrial spaces’ architecture, such as concrete floors, factory windows, and exposed brick, that isn’t the only thing to this look.

At its core, industrial style celebrates rugged materials and utilitarian furniture. It also embraces industrial decor with an edge. Industrial spaces will feature a mixture of modern and vintage-inspired furniture, as well as a strong focus on raw materials like concrete, marble, stone, metal, and leather. It is the ultimate design style that combines form and function.

The Industrial Look: The Elements

There are always a few statement pieces in an industrial room, be it a hefty wooden trunk, a metal-and-black-leather armchair, or a tufted leather Chesterfield sofa. These pieces are often balanced with striking industrial decorations, such as black-and-white art or an exposed Edison light fixture. This is where bold designs can be matched with striking accessories.

When it comes to industrial interior design, dark colors and high-contrast colors, such as charcoal, greys, blacks, whites, and deep blues, are a staple. They often create a graphic palette that balances the bold furniture shapes and materials, creating a space that is more comfortable and livable than dark and austere.

Los Angeles Interior Designer Bethan Davies can help you find inspiration to incorporate industrial interior design in your home.

Rustic Industrial Interior Design

Rustic Industrial is a style that combines the best of both rustic and industrial, but you don’t know which one to choose. This style combines the best of both. It’s comfortable mixed with bold forms and materials.

Rustic Industrial interior design combines livable furniture with innovative designs. A mix of warm hues can be expected, from browns and charcoal leather to natural wood tones to black and white. If you like modern industrial interiors, these are the perfect options. They have a warm and welcoming vibe and catchy designs such as a tripod floor lamp or polished leather sofa.

The Rustic Industrial Palette

Rustic Industrial’s palette is characterized by high-contrast colors and earthy tones. Dark brown, caramel, and tan leathers are the most popular. There is also a lot of black and white, as well as a few neutrals and creams. When creating Rustic Industrial interior designs, you will want to use neutrals as accent colors. This is so you can layer furniture and modern industrial decors over it.

Tonal contrasts are another option for Rustic Industrial interior design that is less graphic and more colorful. You can mix and match different shades of the same color in your accents or furnishings to create a cohesive look. This will make you feel warm and inviting.

The mix of Rustic Industrial Design

Rustic Industrial interior design focuses on balancing style and substance. This means that you will always find some heavy-duty furniture pieces to anchor a room. You might find a wood trunk, a metal bed, or a Chesterfield couch. Warm wood tones are used in combination with rustic elements like a rustic metal chandelier, which softens the edges. This creates a modern industrial space that combines graphic elements with rustic comfort. If you feel the Rustic Industrial space is a bit too heavy, add some greenery to give it a more open look.

How to Customize Your Rustic Industrial Look

You can anchor your space with a sculptural piece of industrial décor, such as a rug, a table with hairpin legs or a bench. From there, you can start to curate your other designs. You can be bold and colorful in light fixtures and art, and you can choose something that suits your taste. You can layer bold and personality-filled designs at different heights to draw the eye around the room.

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